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Understanding Apprenticeships – additional tools and resources

Want to be the next Jamie Oliver, Karen Millen or George Clark? Want to kick-start a rewarding career without the cost of a university degree? Want to gain an increasingly prestigious qualification while gaining invaluable experience? Then this ultimate guide to apprenticeships is for you. By exploring the different types available and evaluating how they compare to other routes, this essential guide leads you through the process of finding an apprenticeship and offers practical advice and key tips to help you succeed in your application along the way.

Author Ben Rowland, who is founder of Arch Apprentices and a passionate advocate of vocational education, has created the following downloadable tools for you to use alongside the relevant section of the book. He has also created five brilliant bonus apprentice case studies that didn’t quite make it into the book. Click on the relevant tool or case study, or download all of the resources in one go using the button below.

Understanding Apprenticeships
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Resources for Section 5: Deciding whether to do an apprenticeship

5 — Apprenticeship decisions

5.2 — Financial Analysis

5.4 — Understanding yourself

Resources for Section 6: Finding a good apprenticeship to apply for

6.2A — Narrowing down your apprenticeship — occupation

6.2B — Narrowing down your apprenticeship — sector

6.2C — Narrowing down your apprenticeship — organisation

6.3 — Managing apprenticeship applications

Resources for Section 7: Getting a great apprenticeship

7.1 — Develop your story

Bonus Case Studies


Lesson 1: Discover Yourself — Presentation Copy

Lesson 1: Discover Yourself — Teacher Copy

Lesson 2: What an Apprenticeship Is — Presentation Copy

Lesson 2: What an Apprenticeship Is — Teacher Copy

Lesson 3: Available Apprenticeships — Presentation Copy

Lesson 3: Available Apprenticeships — Teacher Copy

Lesson 4: Weighing Up Your Options — Presentation Copy

Lesson 4: Weighing Up Your Options — Teacher Copy