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The Careers Leader Handbook – extra digital resources

Since September 2018, every school must have a named Careers Leader to manage and co-ordinate the school’s careers programme across all eight Gatsby Benchmarks. This practical guide, written by the expert team of David Andrews and Tristram Hooley, will support this new breed of careers leader to develop outstanding careers provision across the key stages.

We’ve created a number of tools, forms and checklists for you to use alongside the print book to help you undertake the role of a careers leader. Click on an exercise to download the relevant sheet, or download them all in one go using the button below.

The Careers Leader Handbook
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Resources for Section 2: Delivering outstanding careers provision

2.3A — Equality & Diversity Audit

2.4A — Timetable for lesson plan

2.4B — Monitoring careers education lessons

2.4C — Reviewing curriculum organisation

2.6A — Risk Assessment: Experience of the workplace

2.8A — Bringing coherence to personal guidance

Resources for Section 3: The role of the careers leader

3.0A — Key responsibilities of careers leadership

3.2A — Role specification for a careers admininstrator

3.3A — The coordination of the careers leader role

3.4A — Clarifying your networks

Resources for Section 4: Ensuring continuous improvement

4.1A — Template for development planning

4.2A — Identifying training needs