Indigo Unis

Support and simplify your students’ university journey.

The decision of where to go to university is a huge one for any student. There are hundreds of universities and institutions offering thousands of course combinations. As a Careers Leader, providing all of your students with truly individual guidance and support is not easy either. Fortunately, Indigo is powered by the trusted content from HEAP, including in-depth university profiles, UCAS points and course profiles.

Overview of Indigo Unis
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Helping you to help your students

Indigo’s Unis module is an accessible and engaging powerhouse of university and course data. Students can view in-depth profiles for over 150 UK universities and institutions including admissions policies and employment rates, UCAS points offers for every course and advice on the application process. Creating lists of favourites is easy; Indigo will even recommend similar or related universities.

With tools to compare institutions and create lists for discussion, the Unis module provides an effective basis for classroom conversation. Each university profile also includes real-life insights and interviews with staff and faculty at that institution.

Make the most of our Personal Statement Builder

Our Unis module also gives you access to our Personal Statement Builder, a collaborative tool to allow you and your colleagues to work alongside students to help them create their UCAS personal statements:

  • UCAS’s 4000-character limit is broken down into manageable chunks, ensuring all required points are covered.
  • A library of tailored advice as well as video support from Ian Stannard, author of How to Write A Winning UCAS Personal Statement.
  • Sample extracts from successful personal statements, across a range of subjects.
  • Our innovative chat window helps to facilitate an unlimited number of one-to-one communications between teachers and students.
  • NEW! Go your own way with our custom statement structure builder.
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