Indigo Careers

Inspire your students. Put a whole world of careers at their fingertips.

Not everyone knows what they want to be when they “grow up”. Where do you start? Even those that do have an idea need a little help to discover and learn more about their dream career. The Careers module from Indigo offers over 600 comprehensive job profiles to filter, search and explore, along with video insights from people in those careers, to help your students navigate the otherwise confusing professional world.

Overview of Indigo Careers
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Helping to narrow the careers landscape…

Students can explore by skillset, industry type, qualifications and personal interests, reducing a world of careers to those which might be well suited to them. Each profile is beautifully presented, and many include brand new video-based case studies and interviews — with up-to-the-minute labour market information and practical real-life insights.

The Careers module can provide an effective springboard for classroom discussion, for example: what does an average day look like in that job? How does one career compare to another? What could you be earning in ten years? What is the qualification or experience roadmap to get there?

…whilst widening horizons

One of our core beliefs is that Indigo should be a tool for exploration and discovery. For this reason we have made the decision to avoid using psychometric tests.

We think that young people should be able to learn about jobs whilst they learn about themselves; introspection and self-awareness being key skills in their own right. Psychometric tests — for all their merits — operate using algorithms and statistics that can seem completely opaque to students, leading to results apparently plucked from thin air.

Instead, we envisage an experience where a student can use our filters and see results which make sense to them, and which open a whole range of career opportunities they may not have otherwise considered.

A library of classroom-ready careers lessons

Our Careers module gives you access to a whole-school careers curriculum, taking your students from Year 7 through to Sixth Form. The Indigo lesson plans and resources will help you on your way to meeting the first seven of the eight benchmarks:

  • Sixty ready-to-use lesson plans, easily printed with all necessary worksheets
  • Designed by professionals to prepare students for all progression routes, including academic and vocational options
  • A focus on aspiration and developing positive character traits
  • Includes objectives, themes, evaluation tips and points of possible differentiation
  • Created to be accessible to non-specialist teachers
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