Here at Indigo, we’re passionate about careers education.

Not every student knows what they want to be “when they grow up”. Even those that do know will still need some help and guidance along the way. It can be a minefield of almost infinite career pathways, courses and university choices.

Teaching careers guidance isn’t exactly simple either. How can you be sure you are giving every student the individual support they need? What about keeping up to date with the latest careers, suitable university courses and entry requirements? Add in the need to meet Gatsby Benchmarks and demonstrate everything to Ofsted and you have a real headache. We get that.

The good news is that Indigo has been designed by experts with decades of careers education experience to help. Phew.

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A little bit about us

Indigo may be a new name to you, but our pedigree goes back decades. We are born of the Trotman Publishing stable, a well-respected giant in the careers education space and publisher of the well-known HEAP and Career Directions books, as well as the Careers Leader Handbook.

This extensive repository of university and careers information is what powers Indigo – brought to life by a huge array of new digital functionality, engaging multimedia resources for students and valuable reporting tools for careers professionals. Being a digital resource, you can rest assured that everything you are exploring is right up-to-the-minute accurate – and individualised to every student.

Finally. An edtech solution for careers worth talking about.

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Gatsby. Great.

The eight Gatsby benchmarks are a framework for solid career guidance developed to support schools in providing the best possible careers education, information, advice, and guidance. They are central to the Government’s Careers Strategy and thus a key deliverable for any careers leader. Fortunately, Indigo is designed to support you in multiple ways across each of the eight benchmarks, as well as help you demonstrate adherence to the standards to Ofsted.

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Gatsby Benchmarks and Indigo

Three dynamic modules. One fantastic solution.

Indigo Careers Module

Inspire your students and put a world of careers at their fingertips. With over 600 comprehensive job profiles to filter, search and explore, along with real-life insights from people in those careers, prepare for a classroom of inspired young people!

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Indigo Universities Module

The decision of where to go to university is a huge one for any student. There are thousands of course combinations. Fortunately, Indigo is powered by the trusted content from HEAP, including in-depth university profiles, UCAS points and course profiles.

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Indigo Work Experience Module

Work experience is a valuable and meaningful opportunity for students. Organising and coordinating it however is not. That’s why we created the Indigo WorkEx module, an all-in-one tool to manage, arrange and report – saving you time (and headaches).

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