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Not every student knows what they want to be “when they grow up”. Even those that do have an idea will still need some help and guidance along the way. It can be a minefield of almost infinite career pathways, courses and university choices.

Guiding students through this process can be a real challenge, particularly when you add in a requirement to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The good news is that over the last few years, the team behind The HEAP guide, Careers 2020 and The Careers Leaders Handbook have been working hard to produce a ‘gold standard’ online resource that will streamline the careers education journey for you and your students — Indigo.

How can Indigo Careers help you and your students?

Indigo Careers module is your starting point for all things careers. Investigate careers with our search, filter and compare functions. Take a step back and look at the professional world by industry sector — and keep an eye out for employer profiles.

  • Explore employers: Read about the country’s biggest employers across the labour market.
  • Explore jobs: Search, filter (for example by subject, qualification, interest or personality trait) and browse our catalogue of over 650 job profiles, many with NEW video case studies — or, try the career of the month or a lucky dip!
  • Explore industry sectors: Take a look at our industry sector profiles for an overview of an area of work.
  • Stay abreast of career and industry news via Indigo Digest: a curated collection of essential news updated weekly and delivered direct to your inbox.
  • Make the most of Indigo with our free and growing collection of careers lesson plans and resources.
  • Work Experience: Add more power to your Careers subscription with our Work Experience management tool.
  • Help meet Gatsby Benchmarks: Indigo is designed to support you in multiple ways across each of the eight benchmarks, as well as help you demonstrate adherence to the standards to Ofsted.
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How can Indigo Unis support you and your students?

Research and select university courses with our Unis module. Read about and compare subjects, unis and courses and read our advice on interviews and personal statements. Access the Personal Statement Builder and view your students’ work.

  • Explore unis: Support your students to build their shortlist with Indigo’s comprehensive profiles of all UK universities, now with NEW and improved profile design.
  • NEW! Rank unis: This module now includes the option to sort unis using a range of data collated from all key sources, or using our unique Indigo ranking.
  • Explore subjects: Research a wider group of subject areas to support students in identifying potential course options.
  • Explore courses: Explore information on thousands of degree courses to find the right combination of subject and university, powered by our best-selling HEAP publication.
  • NEW! Build, collaborate and refine students’ personal statements: Our new personal statement builder helps students create an effective statement with a framework to structure their writing, tips and real-life examples, and spaces for staff to leave helpful feedback.
  • NEW! Display and share key UCAS dates: A free UCAS timeline / uni open days poster will be posted to your pigeonhole at the start of the academic year.
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Gatsby Benchmarks and Indigo

Meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks

The eight Gatsby Benchmarks are a set of gold-standard targets developed to help schools provide the best possible careers education, information, advice, and guidance. They are central to the Government’s Careers Strategy and thus a key deliverable for any careers leader.

Indigo is designed to support you in various ways across each of the eight benchmarks, as well as help you demonstrate adherence to these standards to Ofsted.

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