Sponsor Indigo

Promote your business or university with Indigo – the digital careers platform from Trotman Indigo Publishing. 

Why Indigo?

Attracting the right candidates to a role or university course can be difficult. With our Unis and Careers modules we support careers leaders and careers advisors as they guide students through their university and career decisions. Sponsoring Indigo gives you the opportunity to connect with students when they are making these important decisions.

Indigo Unis

Indigo Unis is the home of HEAP online and offers you the opportunity to highlight your university, subject profiles, and degree courses to thousands of users—getting your message across to exactly the students that you want to reach. 

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Indigo Careers

Showcasing careers, industries and employers, Indigo Careers has everything students need to evaluate their next step into the commercial world of work. With over 650 comprehensive job profiles to filter, search and explore, you can showcase your company and attract the best candidates for your business. 

How do I find out more?

For more information on the options available and pricing packages, please get in touch with us at: advertising@trotman.co.uk