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Our Indigo Unis/Personal Statement Builder package

Add our unique Personal Statement Builder on to an Indigo Unis subscription – for a combined price of just £168 +VAT

The Indigo Personal Statement Builder is a collaborative tool that allows students to create their UCAS personal statements with the help of:

  • A structured layout – breaking UCAS’s 4000-character limit down into manageable chunks to ensure all areas are covered
  • A library of tailored advice plus video support from Ian Stannard, author of How to Write A Winning UCAS Personal Statement
  • Sample extracts from successful personal statements across a range of subjects
  • An innovative chat window that facilitates an unlimited number of one-to-one communications between teachers and students

Available at a special launch price of £49+VAT, when you order alongside a £119+VAT Indigo Unis subscription this autumn term.
(Usual price £99+VAT. Not available to purchase separately to Indigo Unis.)

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See at a glance how far your class is progressing with drafting their personal statements.

Use our preset templates to guide your students’ writing, let them freeform or create your own structure!

Include reminders, or provide feedback, as your students progress through each area.

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