About David Andrews and Tristram Hooley

David Andrews is a leading expert on careers education and guidance in schools and colleges. Having been a head of careers, an advisory teacher in a careers service and a local authority adviser/inspector, David has been working as an independent consultant, trainer, writer and researcher since 1998. He leads courses for careers leaders and careers advisers and training sessions in schools, provides consultancy to local authorities, schools and careers companies and has spoken at numerous conferences. He also writes guidance materials, undertakes research and evaluation studies and recently authored Careers Education in Schools.
Tristram Hooley is Professor of Career Education at the University of Derby and the Inland Norway University of Applied Science. This means that he spends a lot of time on trains and planes, which gives him a lot of time to think and write about careers. He has published over 100 books, papers and articles on careers and related subjects, including You’re Hired: Job Hunting Online. He is also the author of the Adventures in Career Development blog (https://adventuresincareerdevelopment.wordpress.com).
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