Bringing in other learning providers and going out to them. Meeting Gatsby Benchmark #7

Due to their popularity, we are re-running this exclusive series of eight webinars from Tristram Hooley and David Andrews, the authors of The Careers Leader Handbook.

Partly as a result of raising the age of participation in learning to age 18, and also as a consequence of both widening participation in higher education and increasing the number of apprenticeships, the immediate concern of most young people is what course and qualification to pursue next and where to study. This is why Gatsby Benchmark #2 stresses the importance of information on future study options as well as on the labour market.

That said, young people should also be given opportunities to find out about the options available through direct contact with representatives from colleges, apprenticeship providers and universities and visit to these places.

In this webinar David Andrews will discuss working with colleges, apprenticeship providers and universities to help students choose the courses and places of study that best suit their needs and aspirations. He will also cover the statutory duty placed on schools by the so-called ‘Baker Clause’ to create opportunities for other providers to speak to pupils in years 8 to 13.


Be sure to check back next week for the final webinar in this series of eight. Alternatively, click the “webinar” tag link just below for a feed of all posts in this series so far.