How can you address all of your learners’ needs? Meeting Gatsby Benchmark #3…

Due to their popularity, we are re-running this exclusive series of eight webinars from Tristram Hooley and David Andrews, the authors of The Careers Leader Handbook.

The principles of differentiation are widely applied to curriculum planning and delivery in all subjects and should be used when planning careers programmes. A career is a highly individual thing and career learning needs to be differentiated. Everyone has different capabilities, career aspirations and motivations and everyone will pursue a different path through their life and career.

This means that it is important to expose all students to all opportunities and to make sure that you are clear as to what they have been exposed to by keeping good records on each student.

In this webinar Tristram Hooley will discuss how to avoid stereotyping and bias and how to engage with social justice in your careers provision including providing good career support for learners with SEND. He will also cover how you can keep good records and track your students progress after they leave your school or college.


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