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Parent Guides to post-16 education and training

The education system in the UK has always been susceptible to changes; a change in government will almost always lead to a tinkering of the education system if not wholesale reform. People outside of education (well, actually sometimes within education too) often find it difficult to keep up with these changes. It is especially difficult for parents who want to continue to support their son or daughter with their education journey, in a system that may bear little resemblance to the one they experienced themselves.

These guides are designed to help you support your son or daughter to make the difficult decisions needed to succeed. Checklists are provided at the end of each guide to provide an easy guide to the key questions associated with each option.

About the author

Angela Mogridge has over eighteen years teaching and leadership experience within secondary schools and FE colleges across the UK.

As a head of sixth form, Angela has counselled and guided hundreds of students and parents helping them navigate the complicated waters of post-16 education.

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