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If there are any two words guaranteed to make a careers administrator break into a cold sweat, those words are “work experience”. Sourcing, planning and coordinating work experience placements for dozens if not hundreds of students would send even the most organised person into a spin. Indeed, many schools no longer offer a work experience programme because of this drain on resources.

At Indigo we think that loss of opportunity is a huge shame, so we’ve developed our WorkEx module to help. Hurrah!

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Indigo Work Experience Module

Prepare to become a work experience organising ninja…

Indigo’s WorkEx module is designed to remove the feeling of plate-spinning when coordinating your students’ work experience. With one central tool you can mass-email businesses and organisations to gather details of available placements they can offer. A bank of pre-written email templates will automatically continue communications with your contacts throughout the year to ensure arrangements are made.

What’s more, WorkEx can match your students to their most appropriate placement using their stored personal, job and sector interests from their time in the Careers module.

Clear visual reporting tools have been designed to record and help you demonstrate details of all work experience activity, as well as your meetings and conversations with students. All this in one handy tool. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

We don’t stop there either. Your subscription includes even more

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Indigo Work Experience Module

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Indigo Work Experience Module

Helping you get it done

Organising work experience placements is only part of the story. WorkEx can also help you confirm Health & Safety checks are in place and confirm approvals are received. You’re welcome.

What’s more, the WorkEx module also comes with access to articles from our Indigo Digest online magazine – a treasure trove of curated content and features specifically covering the field of work experience. These can provide a valuable basis for classroom activities, lessons and discussion with students preparing for their placements.

Coming for September 2019: Brand new to WorkEx, a ready-to-use database of contacts and details for the Top 100 employers across the UK, as well as a host of featured work experience placements.

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