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You’re Hired! Standout CVs – additional tools and resources

Looking to secure a foot on the career ladder? Or, itching to take your career in a new direction? Whatever career dilemma you are facing, in her new, comprehensive and user-friendly guide experienced author Corinne Mills offers a compass in the sea of recruitment technology, social media presence and the evolving role of AI in the modern job market.

Interactive CV-crafting activities, examples of AI software input and CV templates will ensure your CV showcases the best version of you to any potential employer. What’s more, for each of the ten activities in the book, you will find a corresponding online resource to customise with information specific to you and your job search.

  • Download the resources individually or all in one go
  • Follow the prompts to complete the activities
  • Save to your computer to keep a record of your answers
  • Refer back to the saved activities when writing your CV or filling out an application form

Once you’ve read and digested this indispensable book and completed the activities, you will have everything you need to create a brilliant CV or write a stellar application that is guaranteed to get you shortlisted for any job you want. Good luck!

Understanding Apprenticeships


Activity 1 — Information Gathering

Activity 1 — Additional Career History

Activity 2 — Identifying Your Strengths and Skills

Activity 3 — Your Competency Examples

Activity 4 — Identify Your Achievements

Activity 5 — Writing Your Achievement Statements

Activity 6 — Your Personality and Preferences

Activity 7 — Your Market Research

Activity 8 — Keyword Selection

Activity 9 — Writing a Career Profile

Activity 10 — Your CV Checklist